Lyrical by the sea: Clevedon’s Poet’s Walk

Clevedon: the most boring seaside town in all England, filled with dusty, fusty little sepia-tinted shops, selling dull stuff like lacework, horse brasses and pink and blue painted porcelain vintage salt-and-pepper sets in the shape of Edwardian ladies and gentlemen. The Pier had collapsed, the Sea or what passed for it – the Severn Estuary…


David Abbott, writer, book lover, inspiration

David Abbott, one of advertising’s best known, most accomplished and best beloved writers died last Saturday 17 May. One of the founders of Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, he was responsible for a huge number of famous ads and campaigns for clients including BT, Sainsbury’s, The Economist and Volvo. My two editions of D&AD’s Copy Book are…


To the top of Tickenham

Where is the horse now? Where is the rider? Where is the gold-giver? Where is the seat at the gathering? Where now are the feasts in the halls? Alas for the gleaming cup! Alas the mailed warrior! Alas for the prince’s pride!
How that age has passed, Dark under night-helm, As though it never were! Now…