To the top of Tickenham

Where is the horse now? Where is the rider? Where is the gold-giver? Where is the seat at the gathering? Where now are the feasts in the halls? Alas for the gleaming cup! Alas the mailed warrior! Alas for the prince’s pride!
How that age has passed, Dark under night-helm, As though it never were! Now…


The road to One Tree Hill: Part 1

“Nostalgia is a product of development in the city. In peasant societies, time is predominantly cyclical, the time of the seasons, of growth and decay: the rural past is like a soil which sustains the present through recurrence and ritual. But in the urban world, time appears irreversible: a linear succession of redevelopments and changes,…


Wind-whirled in West Dulwich

But eyes themselves were all the hearers there, And every stone, and every star a tongue, And every gale of wind a curious song. Dumbness – Thomas Traherne Sometimes an enforced change of routine can be a good thing. Varying your journey to and from work, or any other regular destination is supposedly stimulating and…